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Adelaide Writers

And with a cry of "More Mead" they began to write

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This community came about because the NaNo* participants in the Adelaide Forum** felt a burning desire to continue writing well after the deadline of November 30th had past.

They also had a desire to drink more beer, carouse, share the ‘Pig of Inspiration’, threaten violence to random shop keeps, plot unseemly acts to tiny, incontinent pony-tailed men, and generally enjoy the frenetic energy of likeminded writers.

So with shouts of “More Mead!” a community was born.

And such a community it will be…

… actually that’s the bit that’s still unclear, but the aim is this:

We will write.
We will offer resources in any shape or form that they come in.
We may share.
We will not be ruthless critiquing bastards, but a constructive sentence or two might be nice.
We will suggest other challenges, possibly greater than 50,000 words, but more than likely not.
We might collaborate if the mood takes us.
We will expose ourselves to new ideas.
We will be a fellowship of writers, without the nasty journeying to a dark mountain, but possibly with swords and second breakfasts.
We will aim to meet once monthly.

Currently the community is moderated. The idea being this is a community for Adelaide writers only. That means no anonymous posting either. That may change depending on the mood in the Adelaide forums. The community may get opened so that people without Live Journals can participate, or it might get locked down further so that people are comfortable posting their writing so that only community members can read.

General standards of behaviour apply here. Stupidity will be tolerated, random acts of rudeness will not.

The usual caveats about not being a plagiarising bastard can be found here:

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

*For more about the Month Long, 50,000 word, Online (ohmygodyoucantbeseriouswehavetowritehowmuchdeargodmakeitstop) Writing Challenge go here: NaNoWriMo

**For more about the Adelaide parts of NaNo go here: Adelaide NaNo-ites