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Do you hear that tinkling sound?  It's the reminder fairy, who has come to leave you a note.  Shall we go and read it?

The note says "Not-Nano meetup tomorrow.  Be there, bitch."

I really think she could have left the 'bitch' out.  Reminder fairies can be so unkind.  :-(

* * *
So, there's a meet up this Sunday!

Who will be coming?

Unfortunately, I just realised that I won't be. :(

* * *
Not reminding people doesn't work.

So here's a reminder.

2 pm Sunday (6th).  Same bat time, same bat channel.

* * *
Is anyone else planning on turning up on the 6th May?
I did not make it last month and wasn't sure if anyone else did?
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Um... what else was I going to show you? *memory like sieve*
Here's some Rocko's Modern Life
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_ENbkmTC9w the first characters you see are not Rocko, who is a wallaby. I like the Rocky Horror Picture Show reference. "It's a credit to your genius!" "A triumph of your will!" "It's okay!"

Heiffer, Rocko's best friend, is a steer... and all his family are wolves. He's adopted.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2MlMyrcUjY here's a bit that was cut from the episodes. Wonder why... :P It's a bit where they try and book into a "Notell Motel" and the guy is very surprised that they want it for the whole night....

yeah not many clips are on it. And... nothing about nipples to the future sorry.
Here's some random quoteage/stuff that happens!
Heffer accidentally attaches... himself... to a milking machine on a farm. *cough* At the end of the show he goes back and bids a tearful goodbye to it.
There's a giant tablet/pill, with a label 'not to be taken orally'
They watch a video on Rocko's new tv... the box says it's 'night of the shaven kittens'
Rocko claims to love rainbows, and everyone gets really upset...
At one point they're driving around in a weeniemobile.
there was that one episode where Rocko's car calls Rocko from the car impound.

"Please, Rocko, get me out of here! *glances over to big, burly truck, who has a big evil grin on his face* Hurry!!"

Then it cuts away to Rocko holding the phone to his ear, listening to the sound of two cars pounding against each other repeatedly.
When Rocko comes to pick up his car, the man at the front of the lot says, "you mean the red one? The other cars call him "fancy fenders", he then says in a disgusted voice, "a term of endearment I assume."

Rocko goes through a bunch of different jobs and we see a clip of one he's just speaking in a monotone on the phone in an office.

Rocko: "Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby."
Bev (from phone): "Rocko?"
Rocko: "Mrs. Bighead?"


Rocko says to Really Really Big Man, "Thanks Really Really Big Man! We've all been touched by your bigness!"
"It's Heffer, on tv, playing with sausage!" Also: (Really Really Big Man) "I just got back from Mardi Gras, where I was crowned 'king weiner'!"

Rocko marries Filburt in one episode...

ahaha... i've so just been on imdb. :D

It's... sooooo wrong. Especially since this was on nickelodeon. But it's funny, I never noticed any of this as a kid. Well, I noticed Heffer's brother constantly cross dressing that sort of thing...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTKIBnV84zs here's a bit from Santa Clause Conquers The Martians (I remembered what it was called)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT6akoSCzpw ooo. someone actually put the whole thing up! It's not a horror movie or something, but it's like, so BAD it's funny.
and in the  links on the right there's the mst3k version of it. Which of course is hilarious. :D
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Warning!  Offensive language in subject.  Whoops, too late.  I was a drill sergeant in a previous life.

Right, so.  Wakey-wakey people.

This weekend is the March meetup, and it's going to be the official BEST MEETUP EVER.  It'll be brilliant, I promise.

Of course, things like that don't just happen on their own though, you have to make them happen.

Post ideas* for the stunning March Meeting Extravaganza here.  (Or suffer wrath)

(* They don't have to be good ideas, any ideas will do.)

* * *
So, we're meeting up again this Sunday.
Are *you* coming?
* * *
I thought I'd post a reminder message that the first NotNano meeting that has been organised so far (again, feel free to organise other stuff! These are the regular Sunday meetings) is this Sunday the 14th of January, at 2 pm. Hope to see lots of people there!
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Greetings all. As our beloved Beckling has issues enough at the moment, and plenty of more important things to occupy her brain thinking, and possibly a lack of access; and also as people are starting to make plans for January (including me) I thought it would be handy to post a list of Not-NaNo dates for the coming year.

At the last meeting it was proposed that we continue to meet on the second Sunday of each month at 3pm. The motion was carried. (Well, it would have been if we were the sort to have minutes and motions. The only motions you're likely to see at Not-NaNo meetings is me flipping the bird to someone who bumps my chair.)

This schedule is a temporary measure only and subject to ratification.

14th January
11th February
11th March
1st April
(moved on account of Easter)
6th May (moved on account of Mothers' Day)
10th June
8th July
12th August
9th September
14th October

I've tried to catch all the major "sorrycan'tcome (I've got something more important than you guys)" excuses, but I have the feeling that I may have missed a long weekend.

I expect that an official version will be reposted once our Fearless Leader is clasped to our loving if digital bosom once more. If there are any issues or clashing dates, please say so here so that they may be taken into account for the official version.
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In the lead up to NaNo I present to you: Very short stories


Anyone care to have a go?

* * *
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