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And with a cry of "More Mead" they began to write

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At 2pm on the 14th of September, there will be a meet up at what used to be Buongiornos. I can't think of its new name off the top of my head.

This is the second to last meet up before we start on nano again. Hope to see you there.

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We're in September now. That's the month before the month before nano! Do you know what that means? The return to the forums.

I've been pre-planning nano related stuff since July-August. Christina and I have several ideas about the kick-off although we're still open to venues for everything really. Lay your ideas on me no matter how strange or funky (cause we're into that sort of thing).

We're a few down on the RL front but we're gearing up for another year.

Are you with me?

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So do we have a meetup this coming Sunday? I have a birthday thing to go to but I hope I'll be able to pop in for a little while at least.
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Unfortunately, I will be unable to partake of any (usual, scheduled) festivities next week due to the dismaying prospect of actually working.

As this will be my last opportunity (for a long while) to share a drink or three with my fellow writing cohort here in Adelaide, I propose a meeting of epic proportions on Sunday the 20th of April, 2pm, at Caffe Buongiorno's on Rundle St.

Anyone else in favour? Would love to catch up with all y'all before I go.

(And when I'm shivering and lonely in the Great White North, someone could webcam NotNano for posterity! :P)

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Because I almost forgot, just wanted to remind people that the Not-NaNo meetup is this Sunday. :) Hope to see lots of you there!
I'm assuming it's the usual time of... two pm? Same place as always?

edit: it's two not three. Whoops

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See you Sunday.

...Unless you are overseas, in a rural area, or otherwise indisposed. 

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(Me and GlaDOS, we're like that.)

Proposed Not-NaNo meetup dates for 2008:

13 January
10 February
09 March
13 April
04 May (moved for Mother's Day)
08 June
13 July
10 August
14 September
12 October

The Reminder Fairy is on holiday right now, somewhere where very tall drinks are served by young men with well-developed upper bodies*. While she's gone, someone else will have to do the remindering.

(* Wraz/Cal, did we ever find the ArmPr0n community?)

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I'm keen for monthly Not NaNo meetups again next year. Does anyone want to volunteer to throw together some dates?
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Was anyone planning to turn up for the last scheduled Notnano meet up prior to The Real Thing?

It would be this Sunday 14th.

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This is advance warning that Sunday the 12th of August is the date of our regular monthly catch-up. (For those who require advance advance warning, the post with all the dates is right where it's always been.)

Unfortunately, I won't be there, as I've got to follow through on an obligation that I've been blowing off since the SANFL season started - this is my last opportunity to make good. Now that you know where I'll be, you can rest assured that I'd rather be with you.

Keep in mind that someone has to have a beer in order to keep the bad spirits away, and as I won't be there someone else has to shoulder that terrible burden.

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